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Chong Khneas - Plastic all around you


by Heike Finsterlin

At the northern end of Tonlé Sap lake, only 30-minutes from Siem Reap, you will find the floating villages of Chong Khneas, where close to 1,000 families live.

Due to the closeness to Siem Reap and its setting next to the spectacular mountain of Phnom Krom, thousands of tourists flock to Chong Khneas every day and set off on their 2-hour boat tour through the villages. In the high season hundreds of mini-buses and Chinese tour busses[…]

Garbage is Treasure – Eco Warrior Workshop at Rehash Trash


by Heike Finsterlin

Our Pssbl Eco Warriors got the chance to join a Workshop at Rehash Trash, learning how to clean used plastic bags and turn them into little treasures!

Beautiful Pearaing without Plastic - បឹងពារាំង ស្អាតគ្មានប្លាស្ទិក


by Heike Finsterlin

Today we did an exciting trip to Beong Pearaing Bird Sanctuary. I knew the place already from the Water Falling Festival last December, because that's where we did the second day cleanup together with the Eco Warriors and the volunteers from the bird sanctuary.

Beong Pearaing is a community-based sanctuary for many birds, including the national bird of Cambodia - the ibis - as well as numerous small birds, mammals, lizards and snakes[…]

Pssbl Eco Warriors go Earth Day


by Chris Hall

Earth Day 2019 has come and gone in Cambodia, but the day was not lost on our NGO2/PSSBL Eco Warriors. Four of the Warriors took a field trip in the afternoon heat to Angkor Kids International School (AKIS). The school resides in the shadow of the majestic Angkor Wat Towers. It is a lovely independent school housed in a large old Khmer home. The staff and supporters of AKIS have already started their own monthly neighborhood trash clean ups[…]

Lisboa - City of Light, Ocean and Cafés


by Mark Finsterlin

Café. bica. pingoor. café pingado. café meia de leite. galão. galão clarinho. carioca. café cheio com agua. café cheio. café duplo. abatanado. abatanado com um pouco de leite…

So, it is obvious! If a language has so many words for coffee – the Portuguese MUST love coffee! The Portuguese seem to have a never-ending treasury of words for one of the most delicious drinks in the world. You’d like a standard black espresso? no milk? with a[…]