Garbage is Treasure – Eco Warrior Workshop at Rehash Trash

Garbage is Treasure – Eco Warrior Workshop at Rehash Trash


by Heike Finsterlin

Our Pssbl Eco Warriors got the chance to join a Workshop at Rehash Trash, learning how to clean used plastic bags and turn them into little treasures!

Rehash Trash is a social enterprise from the Green Gecko Project NGO (, working with 100+ former street children and their 32 families over the past 10 years. Green Gecko firmly believes that the long-term success of each child is strongly reliant on having long term solutions for their families.

One of their solutions is Rehash Trash, an upcycling workshop that turns dirty roadside rubbish into beautiful little treasures. The Ladies working at rehash trash collect used plastic bags from the streets of Siem Reap and are always happy to take in used bags from shops, hotels and everybody who is willing to drop them off at the shop. They are washing, cutting and “crocheting” up to 4000 bags per week, and sell them in the cute boutique next to their workshop. I know we buy a lot of rubbish along the way .. but this “rubbish” is worth buying it in every sense!

19 of our Pssbl Eco Warriors joined one of the workshops at Rehash Trash and really enjoyed it. Although they talk a lot about “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” in the educational talks they are giving in schools and in their villages, being part of a “upcycling” project - actually reusing and recycling plastic - was not only fun but very educative for them. And of course, they look so pretty with their new bracelets!