Meet Our Eco Warriors

meet our eco warriors


by Heike Finsterlin

Our Eco-Warriors were out in full force during past weekend’s Water Falling Festivals in Kampong Khleang and in the Pearang Bird Sanctuary. Singing, dancing, enjoying what they do!

The girls were involved in everything from organizing the handout of t-shirts, garbage bags, nets and hooks, to managing the after-cleanup show. And of course you could see them cleaning-up. In the village, on the boats, climbing up trees .. and carrying the “day’s catch” to the recycling hub!

For the after clean-up party, the girls had organized some games and performed group dances. They even showed a little educative play they had developed by themselves, explaining about proper plastic use and waste management practices. As usual they were highly organized and full of smiles and laughter.

Over the last year our Eco Warriors have participated in many workshops and clean-ups around Siem Reap and Kampong Khleang. Everyday they are learning more about plastic pollution and proper waste management – and how to train others in supporting the fight against plastic. We also started training them in upcycling plastic, so they can teach other kids and the people in their home towns to create beautiful new things out of waste!

These young faces are the key to make a change. We are very proud of our tough and always smiling Eco Warriors!