Pssbl Eco Warriors go Earth Day

Pssbl Eco Warriors go Earth Day


by Chris Hall

Earth Day 2019 has come and gone in Cambodia, but the day was not lost on our NGO2/PSSBL Eco Warriors. Four of the Warriors took a field trip in the afternoon heat to Angkor Kids International School (AKIS). The school resides in the shadow of the majestic Angkor Wat Towers. It is a lovely independent school housed in a large old Khmer home. The staff and supporters of AKIS have already started their own monthly neighborhood trash clean ups but our Eco Warriors were there to explain to the students in their own language why doing better is important and about all things related to plastic.

With an audience of 60 to 70 students our Eco Warriors explained how to reduce plastic usage by using refill bottles, refusing plastic when possible and overall ways to reduce plastic use in general.

After the engaged discussion everyone joined in a short clean-up. The little ones stayed within the school grounds and the older students hit the neighborhood outside the school which was recovering from the biggest week long holiday in Cambodia.

After filling six large bags of trash all the students reconvened on the school grounds and the Eco Warriors tested the students on their knowledge of plastic lifespan. Using the trash collected as examples, plastic water bottles, bags, straws and Styrofoam, the kids got an opportunity to guess how long each item remains on the Earth. It was an engaging afternoon and a continued effort to educate and raise awareness of the younger generation which will undoubtedly be the change of things in Cambodia going forward.

Great job Eco Warriors!