Protect our Oceans

Protect our Oceans –
the Pssbl E4 Strategy

As a Hong Kong born brand, we see the struggles of our Oceans first hand – the plastic polluted beaches and water, the suffering sea life. Thus, standing up for the Oceans has been as much a matter very close to Pssbl’s heart as creating the perfect bag.

90% of the plastics ever produced
have not been recycled

Over the past decade, our oceans changed to the worst, and the people living along rivers and coastlines around the world are the most impacted ones by plastic pollution. They are swamped with plastic garbage, most of them without the knowledge and infrastructure to stand up against it. Up to now, 90% of the plastics ever produced have not been degraded or recycled, yet production of plastic packaging, single-use plastic and careless usage of plastic is still increasing and ending up in our rivers and oceans. With the prediction that in 2050 there will be 12 billion tonnes of plastic waste in natural environments – more than fish.

We have to act! It’s Pssbl to make a difference!

The core of our battle against plastic is our “Pssbl E4-Strategy to Protect the Oceans”.

The right “Pssbl E4” project

We are convinced, change can only happen, if all four “E” are considered and can raise each other to higher power.

We’ve been searching for the right “Pssbl E4” project for quite a while, because most of the existing projects were “just” cleaning-up. Luckily, we found Sophal and his “Eco Warriors” from NGO2 in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Together with NGO2 we are now implementing our Pssbl "E4 Strategy" in Siem Reap and at the Tonlé Sap Lake, which is one of the main pollutants of the Mekong River, one of the top three rivers in the world “feeding” the oceans with plastic.

Raise awareness and
motivate others

The core of this project is to further strengthen our “Eco Warriors”, a local force of around 100 enthusiastic young people from different small villages around Tonlé Sap and the rural mountain area, who help us to realize our long-term strategy in fighting the plastic pollution. We educate them weekly about the plastic issue and how to solve it – then they are off on “mission Pssbl” to their local villages and schools, helping to educate current and future generations.

Together with our Eco Warriors, the village chief of Kampong Khleang and the Park Rangers of the Bird Sanctuary in Boeng Pearaing we are working on several projects around Tonlé Sap Lake, to close the “E4 Circle”.

Better bags and a better world – that’s Pssbl.

Our Project Partners


NGO2 BambooShoot is dedicated to assisting girls in rural communities access to higher learning to narrow the gender gap in Cambodia.


Ocean Recovery Alliance

ORA creates new ways of thinking, technologies and collaborations in order to introduce projects that will help improve our oceans.